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My name is Attila Lengyel and I'm a harmonica player in Hungary.

Let's have a few thoughts about the overblow technique:

It is true that certain brands are easier to overblow with, but you can do it with basically any type of harmonica. The mp3s on this site are played with Hohner Blues Harp. I have never heard an overblow expert recommend this brand for overblowing so my first sentence ...

One thing is important: With any type of harp the reeds mustn't be far apart from the reedplate. If they are you can carefully push them closer a few times until the gap is ideal. Ideal: you have to test and you will hear.

Get more info from: www.tenhole.com

Other good sites to visit:

http://www.harmonicalinks.com/  http://www.harmonicalessons.com/



How to overblow:

Do not expect it to come overnight.

It took me  years to get all the overblow/draw notes clearly as a single note, and to build them into my scales and playing. You should be able to produce all normal bends before you start overblowing.

My approach to overblow notes:

Try with hole 6 first. Make a draw bend, then with the same mouth set-up (tongue position etc.) blow the same hole. Overblowing has nothing to do with extra force! If you can get an overblow note only with force your technique is wrong or the harp is not set up right or both.


You should use the same mouth set-up as for other draw bends.


Lip-pursing, tongue blocking or U-blocking:

Only one of these is really good for getting a fat tone=wrong

The mp3s you can hear in the Mp3 folder were played mostly with U-blocking and in some places with tongue blocking.

All three techniques have their place and benefits in playing.

U-blocking: To get very distinct notes. For funky for instance. (listen to funk in Mp3 folder if you have doubts)

Tongue blocking: In shuffles, boogie-woogie, slow blues the slap of the tongue creates a unique rhythmic pattern.

Lip pursing: In rhythm harmonica, like the style of Sonny Terry it is best.


Who is the best - Who should you copy?

There are very good, good and not so good harmonica players.

Very good: In this category it is pointless to try to name the best player. How can you say that red is nicer colour than blue? To YOU it is nicer. To others it isn't. The best blayers are simply different colours on the palett of music.

The diatonic players I love and recommend for listening:

Mark Ford

Howard Levy

Carlos Del Junco

Jason Ricci

Buddy Greene

Lee Sankey

Paul Butterfield

Sonny Terry

Norton Buffalo

Peter Madcat Ruth

Charles Pasi

Brendan Power

Adam Gussow - http://www.modernbluesharmonica.com/

Ferenczi György

Engler Ferenc

Pribojszki Mátyás

If you want to have your own style do not imitate them for two long. :))









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